Inspirations & Philosophy of YǏN‘s Design Style

YIN designs jewelries that leave imaginative space for the people who wear them to interpret on their own. It is a design essay of the relationship between eternal gold materials versus self-exploration, present versus invisible, minimal form versus complex theory, reality versus immateriality.

Nature wonderfulness. Geography. Landscape. The planet.
The universe. Time and Space.
Science. Geometry. Beauty of math.
Travel, Reading and Exploration.
Art & Culture……


Nisintrigued by the abstract, surreal and eternal concepts. It represents jewelries with profound, intensive conceptual stories, subtle design and solid gold that last beyond a lifetime. We care about the love, the romance and the femininity our jewelries delivery. However, we are always infusing ideas and inspirations that go much beyond ordinary, individual lives. Memories, sentiments, orshared cross-culture references are expressed through abstract, symbolic motives. 

Each of our collection has a unique name that has the similar pronunciation with the brand name YIN but with different Chinese character. Each character, on its own, can arouse a sensational scenery that associate the wearer with the design, visual and copy of this collection. Sometimes the profound cultural implication of Chinese characters helps us to discovery concepts we want to capture in design. Sometimes it works the other way around.

These essential pieces of jewelries are effortless and versatile for everyday wearing, especially fit for professional ladies. The wearer is the center of attention. YǏN’s jewelries are merely the humble final touch that makes her unforgettable, and the hidden golden tattoo that marks her indispensability. YǏNis the source of confidence. It is always right, always there.