YǏN隐is an 18-carat gold fine jewelry brand established in 2014.

Inspired by the cosmos and designed during travelling around the world, it combines minimal, delicate style and timeless design with over 3,000-year heritage of high quality goldsmith craftsmanship in China. 

The character YǏN隐in Chinese epitomizes subtle and understated, embodying also a grand wisdom and feminine strength. 

Each collection is born with a homophone that tells a unique story.  We handcraft our gold tattoo pieces with a tribute to all modern Gentlewomen and the people who appreciate their charisma.


YǏN隐was founded by two professional women, for professional Gentlewomen.

The two ladies’partnership  has evolved from colleagues of a global branding and PR agency to entrepreneurs of solving a practical challenges and contribute more via gold jewelries.

The two well-travelled cofounders grew up in two different parts of northern China. The harsh land, mountain and ocean carved their persistence and resilience, also shaped their perception of the nature fundamentals. They were also endowed with serenity, inclusiveness and a sense of humour by the rich cultural and historical heritages of the capital city where dynasties iterated over thousands of years. This ever-changing and currently impatiently developing social landscape was the inherent drive that why they always appreciate timeless beauty. 

Dora YIN He | Chief Designer

Majored in media and digital artand now shares her life between Beijing and Stockholm. With a profound exposure to Nordic style, she is convinced in achieving one important-but-non-urgent thing in life.

Ayur WU Ying | Chief Executive Officer

MBA graduate of a heritage European business school. A lawyer by training and a marketer by profession.  Worked as strategic consultant for luxury brands. As a believer of long-term value of a brand, she is passionate about exploring the fusion of art and business.


Nis very definite in its stand of TIMELESS, SUBTLE, GOLD jewelries.

In China, for centuries gold and gold jewelries are the essentials for marriage and as identify of fortune. Only the bulky size and weight matter. There was no respect, no aesthetics value or the affective commitment between the gold pieces and the wearer. Gold can be something other than granny, cheesy or nouveau riche exclusive. We feel the calling of revitalizing gold to be simple, skinny, modern and fits urban taste, and we were urged by the need to achieve this goal by jewelries.


Functional: Tattoo to the Body

Thanks to the fine jewelry quality,  YǏN is a proud companion to the wearer in all circumstances: under the sunshine, moonlight, candle light, in showering,  or even surfing or diving in the ocean. It is wearer-friendly by design.

Emotional: Tattoo to the Soul

A piece of YǏN Jewelry is not only a gold nugget. It is for faith and force. It is a motif to inspire and impel better love and life. It is empowering fearless and confidence.It is what you love that you will mark as a tattoo on your body.

Addictive: And More...

Once you have your first tattoo, you always want more to celebrate and memorise significant people and moments….