Goldsmith Craftsmanship

Gold is a wonder metal to transfer the design ideas that reflects timeless beauty. There is a real shine and depth to this seductive colour. It is the TRUTH. It was right though years ago, and it will keep being future-proof. Gold is just a sacred media that bearing the weight of human history and individual stories. Under no circumstance we will compromise our belief in gold and seek gilt alternatives.

YǏN exclusively selects a particularly warm 18 karat yellow gold that serves the best for Asian wearers.

The simplest is the most difficult. YǏN jewelries are handcrafted with 18 karat ethical sourcing gold and require over 13 processes to create. There is an intimate connection with the whole process.     


Every piece of YǏN隐 jewelry comes with an iconic glass pyramid jewelry box.

There is a holistic prestige esthetic, which is extended to our packaging and retail experience. Everything we do is to control the message we are pushing forward to ensure and to make it a genuine ethical, sustainable and artistic endeavor.